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Inclusive education programmes support students with disabilities to attend their local, mainstream, neighbourhood schools and learn with non-disabled students in the same classrooms.

The projects listed on this database work with school officials, government authorities, parents, communities and other stakeholders to train teachers, adapt school buildings and grounds to make them accessible, and adapt and improve the full academic curriculum for all students. Children with disabilities may also use appropriate educational materials or adaptive devices. These efforts to enhance the learning environment allow children with disabilities and non-disabled children to study together in the same classroom. Also, everyone gains access to improved teaching methods, accessible facilities and a broad curriculum.Integrated education programmes teach students with disabilities in special classes or units in mainstream schools.Disabled students learn in separate classrooms but all students can socialise together outside the classroom. Students with disabilities may use the same curriculum as non-disabled students, or they may use a modified curriculum depending on school policy. Integrated education may be used as a transitional arrangement before fully shifting to inclusive education. Alternatively, an integrated education programme may be an end in itself and there may be no plans to develop it into inclusive education. How the concept of ‘inclusive education’ develops from integrated education (for example, changing the overall learning environment, rather than placing disabled students in a separate learning environment) depends on the policy of the school or the government in charge. In other words, the boundaries between inclusive and integrated education may be quite flexible.
This database primarily covers inclusive education projects. However, since many countries run integrated education projects, we have decided to include these projects as well.Click here for Inclusive Education.Click here for Integrated Education.

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